I don’t know about you, but this brightened up my day

Saw this gem over on Buzzfeed and decided it was worthy of being noted on this blog, because frankly I just physically can’t post anything nice, ever.

It just brings me back to the days of the Jackass prank where the coffin fell out of the back of the hearse and dumped the body onto the ground.

But this one was REAL!

Take care folks, I’ll try to post more often when my busy season of work slows down around September.


Dead Body Slips Out Of Coroner’s Van And Into Traffic.

Kids watch clown burn pigeon alive.

It’s been a long time since I have added anything that I thought was worthy of what this blog brings to the table. That time has ended. I give to you the horrific burning of a live pigeon thanks to the world’s worst clown.

He splits the uprights!

This Video Of A Clown Burning A Live Pigeon In Front Of Screaming Children Will Literally Ruin Your Day.

North Dakota Woman won’t be giving your fat kids candy for Halloween.

I didn’t want to bump down my costume posts today, but this story enraged me enough to make that call.

Some fucking bitch in North Dakota has decided to hand out letters to kids parents asking for them to not give their kids candy on Halloween. And of course, she’ll be making the judgement call as to whether or not they are fat.

As if these kids don’t go through enough, now some cunt has decided to make fun of them and attempt ruin their Halloween.

Who the fuck she is to decide what kids are healthy and not I have no idea.

I sincerely hope she also does this to her close relatives at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I personally wish horrible things on this Low Form of Life and welcome her with open arms to the section of this blog that highlights the worst in humanity.

A hearty “fuck you” to this bitch.

N.D. woman to hand out “fat letters” to obese kids during Halloween – CBS News.

The 2013 LOGG 64 Halloween Costume Craptacular (Part 2- The Ladies).

Since it’s inception, LOGG 64 has done a yearly article showing off the worst choices in Halloween wear for the season. It’s the most popular article of the year, and I get a fuckton of hits just from people searching for shitty costumes. And as always, I STILL can’t believe the fucking SHIT that gets mass produced. And as painful as these articles are to write, I am proud to bring you this year’s inductees to the LOGG 64 shitty costume Hall of Fame. Holy Christ, they just get worse every year.

Part 2 Costumes for the ho’s.

Every year women are forced to cram themselves into retarded “sexy” costumes for the pleasure of stupid men. Seriously, they have like ZERO options. Every costume is a variation of some shit but in a slutty skirt. I tried to find the biggest piles of shit I could for the ladies this year, and boy DID IT WORK.’

It's either slutty werewolf or this. You pick.

It’s either slutty werewolf or this. You pick.


Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere is nobody who is dying to be a FEMALE PILGRIM for Halloween. What the fuck did female pilgrims even do besides make fucking dinner for the men and the Indians? Not A WHOLE FUCKING LOT. That’s what. I’ll give you this much. You would really stand out at a party in this.

ROBBLE something or other.

ROBBLE something or other.


Oh, what they won’t make into a sexy costume. This fucking dandy combines your love off carbs and sluts. The funny thing about it is that you can’t actually EAT hamburgers and pull it off, because your fat fucking ass and thunder thighs will fall out all over the place. Can’t wait next year for SEXY McNUGGET.

"I don't even want to be at a party. I just want to sleep."

“I don’t even want to be at a party. I just want to sleep.”


Ah yes, Halloween. The holiday that forgets pregnant women. You see the only costumes for a pregnant woman are bullshit joke ones like this, or being a bunch of grapes. Or maybe a circus tent. Anyway, I can’t imagine Halloween being worth two shits for ladies who are expecting, and this piece of shit costume proves it. Wait. They DO LOVE CHOCOLATE.




Just because they liked drawing them on their notebooks in High School doesn’t mean they actually want to BE ONE. I am convinced these are leftover from Gay Pride Parades because I can’t fathom anyone else actually walking around in one. I’m not saying Gay Pride Parades are bad, just fucking rainbow costumes.




A Diet fucking Coke. Not even a regular Coke. Not even a Fresca. Nothing says “I got this at the last minute” like this costume. At least nobody will ask you what the fuck you are supposed to be. It’s pretty fucking obvious.

Warning: Costume may contain stuck-up bitch.

Warning: Costume may contain stuck-up bitch.


It would seriously take one arrogant bitch who thinks something along the lines of “I am a work of art, just like her” to actually have the vaginal walls to wear this. Or maybe some nerdy-ass art chick. Regardless, it is completely brutal to look at, and likely would barely conjure up someones smile for about 3 seconds. You look, you smile, you walk away mumbling about how dumb it is.




We live in a world where this is an actual OPTION. For chicks at Halloween. I am trying to picture to myself the girl with a checklist of costume ideas who has “CAN OF OLD MILWAUKEE” on the top of the list. This is one of those costumes a dude MAKES a chick wear. AND SHE’LL WEAR IT WITH PRIDE, DAMMIT. You Hipster piece of shit you.

God. I just fucking give up.

God. I just fucking give up.


Dude, it’s just so fucking WRONG. I honestly leave this one at that. I don’t know what kind of person it takes to wear this, but I am pretty sure I don’t want to meet them. Nothing says SKANK like Penthouse. Fuck.




I give you Sexy Mario. I am sure the mere idea of this will inspire some pathetic fucking Nintendo fan-boy to begin pulling his pud like there’s no tomorrow. I remember when Mario was innocent, and a fun-loving character for kids. Now he’ll give you handjobs in an alley for Microsoft Points or Playstation BUCKZ or whatever the fuck those consoles deal in. My childhood is dead. And so is Halloween.

Stay tuned to see if I can meet the oncoming deadline and present the costumes for KIDS. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t make it in time. They are BAD this year.

The 2013 Logg 64 Halloween Costume Craptacular (Part 1- Men)

Since it’s inception, LOGG 64 has done a yearly article showing off the worst choices in Halloween wear for the season. It’s the most popular article of the year, and I get a fuckton of hits just from people searching for shitty costumes. And as always, I STILL can’t believe the fucking SHIT that gets mass produced. And as painful as these articles are to write,  I am proud to bring you this year’s inductees to the LOGG 64 shitty costume Hall of Fame. Holy Christ, they just get worse every year.

Part 1- Costumes for the bro’s.

Men have the particular advantage of being whatever the fuck they want for Halloween without having to be sexy. As a result, men will pick any random god damned thing they and their buddies can think of while drinking from a case of Busch Light. Don’t believe me? Just check this bullshit out.

Behold, I am the gaylord!

Behold, I am the gaylord!


I swear to god, this was listed under the “new for 2013 for men” category. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a god damned vampire, or just some incredibly uppity-asshole, but it just sucks. Any motherfucker who can wear one of these shirts without cutting his own balls off 5 minutes later deserves some kind of award. Any chick who digs dudes in puffy shirts needs to get her fucking nose out of romance novels.




Climb aboard this bloated, sickly looking fucking ostrich and show the whole neighborhood what a true douchebag you can be. I hate these fucking costumes wear your legs are the legs of some other shit. It’s a mind-fuck and I can’t handle that shit. If you see some asshole wearing this, please puncture the shit out of it with an exacto knife.

4:20 BRO


Nothing says “I have the mind of an 8th grader” quite like a random costume mixed with a pot reference. Sure, it SEEMED like a good fucking idea after about 27 bong hits, but then again so did everything after 27 bong hits. Word of advice kids, think of your costume WHILE YOU ARE SOBER.

Oh you clever fucker.


Guys love costumes that reference their dicks. I mean NOTHING is fucking funnier to them. Take this beast of a costume for example. The Play-Doh covers the groin. There has to be at least a MILLION jokes that can be made from that, right? Well the good news is regardless of jokes you can think of, the FUCKING SHIRT declares “Knead Me, Squeeze Me, Squish Me”. CHICKS ARE GOING TO COME UP TO YOU ABOUT THIS ALL NIGHT AND TALK ABOUT IT SEXUALLY, I JUST KNOW IT. Stop it.

This was awesome on South Park. LIKE 8 YEARS AGO.

This was awesome on South Park. LIKE 8 YEARS AGO.


Do I even need to fucking tell you why this literal piece of shit absolutely sucks? This one can’t be funnier than about the 3rd grade level. Not only are you a person with an ASS for a FACE, BUT THE DUNCE CAP ILLUSTRATES THE FACT THAT ARE YOU ARE ALSO AN IDIOT. Shut up.

Well it's finally boiled down to this point.

Well it’s finally boiled down to this point.

A DICK HEAD. Just shoot me now.

Remember what I said about Busch Light, guys, and dick jokes? Well this takes the cake. I know tons of people who could go as dick heads without putting on a costume at all. (BONUS NOTE: This costume goes from horrible to AWESOME if you ditch the suit and put on a Brett Favre jersey).

It's a fresh take on a shitty idea.

It’s a fresh take on a shitty idea.


Food costumes always suck. But this year, the idea well has run so dry that they have resorted to making ZOMBIE food costumes. Why the fuck a hot dog would be a zombie, nobody fucking knows. But apparently it’s an option this year.

It's a TRAP!!

It’s a TRAP!!


I am starting to hate costumes like this as much as food costumes. The gorilla doesn’t even look real. It’s like one of those shitty birthday party gorillas. Fuck, now that I look at it, it looks a lot more like a Sasquatch than a fucking monkey.

I think I just shit myself.

I think I just shit myself.


It’s upside down. It’s in pajamas. It’s a fucking nightmare come to life. I can’t even begin to decide what in the shit this was SUPPOSED to be, but it looks like whomever made accomplished whatever fucked-up goal that they had at it’s outset. If this thing approaches me while I take my kids trick or treating I will fucking KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Slim Goodbody has been eating some carrots like a motherfucker.

Slim Goodbody has been eating some carrots like a motherfucker.


This is another nightmare-inducing costume. But more along the lines of when your science teacher would pass around handouts of it asking you to label each muscle group by the end of class. I don’t like to mix homework with Halloween. Also: LOOK AT IT’S FUCKING FACE.




Our final costume manages to combine a lot of my fears into one costume. First off, creepy fucking mimes. Nothing is worse than those silent fuckers pulling on imaginary ropes and shit. Getting stuck in an invisible box. Fuck that shit. But this also manages to combine it with a SKIN-TIGHT LEOTARD. Terrifying. Also, WTF is with the Crow makeup? This makes no sense and it should die.

There. Done with the guys. Now I have to write the gals costumes up fucking fast, because Halloween is in 2 fucking days. I procrastinate a LOT.

In Utero Super Deluxe Part 3.

Disc 3

I’ll be covering disc 3 and the DVD in the same article since they are both the exact same show. The show took place December 13th, 1993 concert at Seattle’s Pier 48 and it’s a fantastic example of how tight and ON Nirvana were during their last tour. They blaze through a set with tons of In Utero favorites, and deliver with some other great renditions of songs from other albums (no, there is no Smells Like Teen Spirit this time around).

nirvana-scentless-apprentice-live-and-loudThe crowd was lively and so was the band, blowing through song after song with accuracy and energy. This is how good Nirvana were at the end. They were a well-oiled machine that could blow your pants off on any given night. Their set was littered with hits and some of their best material in general. In Utero shows were typically longer than this (I don’t know if they cut shit out or if this was just a shorter show because it was taped for MTV), and the set truly does miss the portions that were typically done acoustically at other shows (Dumb, Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam, Something in the Way). But with those out, you get a straight-forward rockin’ show that never lets up.

And it sounds great. Everything is clear (though on the CD, Kurt’s guitar is too quiet), and it’s all crisp as hell. It’s aged pretty damn well. The show runs roughly an hour, and while I mentioned it’s shorter than what people saw live on that tour it’s just enough time to get into it and really enjoy it. The following are what I consider to be the highlights of this fantastic show:

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is as good of an opening song as you could have. It’s high energy and sets the pace for the whole set. This is a great version.
-As it normally does, Breed totally rips shit it up on this night.
Serve the Servants is also one of those songs that transitions from the album to live very well. Love this version.
-This marks the first time Rape Me was officially allowed to be played on MTV. (MTV rejected Nirvana playing it at the VMA’s years before, and also pissed off the band by vowing to not air any video made for the song. This is why All Apologies was released as a single but no “official” video was ever made. They would later use the version from Unplugged as the video after Kurt Died).
-That is one extremely heart-pounding version of Pennyroyal Tea. A special hello to Pat Smear on backup vocals!
Scentless Apprentice is so good it’s almost out-of-hand.
All Apologies wasn’t on the original broadcast of the show, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they would’ve cut this out besides time constraints. It’s one of the best songs of the set.
Blew is fucking awesome with two guitars. And it’s played extremely well in this set.
-The electric version of Man Who Sold the World is totally fucking better than the Unplugged version. It made for a great live cover and it’s awesome this set was one of the times they included it. One of the best songs on the CD/DVD.
-The familiar opening riff of School fucking DESTROYS when Pat Smear’s guitar kicks in. Tight as shit.

x8PanZIBlYWqFO9The other songs are great, but I picked out the ones that really stood out to me, and remember I’ve heard about 9000 Nirvana bootlegs in my life. It’s all subjective anyway. The bottom line is that this show is recorded VERY well and stands up to the test of time like a champ. Seeing it is even better than hearing it.

The DVD also contains a bunch of stuff from rehearsal/sound check that I’m not going to pick through. It’s worth a watch if you like to see what shit was like behind the scenes, but it’s not especially unusual or amazing to watch. The band cautiously goes through the motions. Clearly they saved their energy for the actual live performance.

And that’s it. Part 3 of a 3 part review. In the end, this 3 CD set is worth every penny. Sadly according to Krist Novoselic this is pretty much all that’s left of the unheard audio from Nirvana. On the good side, he has also mentioned that there is still a ton of video to be seen, so we can all expect more DVD action as time goes on.

But overall it’s a really great look at the development and performance of one rock’s more important albums and you will enjoy all of the new shit they jammed into the set. In Utero is my personal favorite Nirvana record, and this set just reinforces what I already knew. It still rocks as hard today as it did then.

Nirvana In Utero Super Deluxe: Part 2

Disc 2

Disc two is where the really juicy stuff comes, first and foremost being the 2013 Steve Albini remix of the whole album. And it’s not your typical remix. You can tell a lot of care was taken with this, and rather than a typical remix the album is almost re-imagined in a totally different way. It’s like listening to the album for the first time all over again, but like you’ve never heard it. It’s powerful and nastier. If anything it’s stripped down. And those tracks even at bare-bones are pretty fucking good. There are significant changes throughout the mix and a lot of them are really, really good. I’ll sum up the good and the blah for you.

tumblr_l0f76rjv9d1qbqb1do1_500The good:
-Scentless Apprentice just sounds amazing. Somehow it sounds even heavier than before. This may be the single best remix on this CD. It’s that damn good.
-Heart Shaped Box has more prominent backup vocals, and it sounds a lot nastier than the single we are all used to. It’s an excellent mix. The cymbals on the drums seem louder as well.
-Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle is a LOT more powerful, and sounds so good I dare say it could have been a single with this mix.
-The overlapping guitar on Very Ape is emphasized and it really makes it a more interesting song. Almost harmonic in it’s presence.
-Milk it still sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. But remastered, so fuck yeah.
-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is over-driven and out of control, if you don’t fucking bob your head up and down to this song in your car you have no soul.
-The bass in All Apologies is emphasized, and the doubled backup vocals in the verse are gone. This leads to an extremely intimate version of the song that rocks at the same time. This is what it would have felt like to have Kurt Cobain singing in your living room. It’s a fucking AMAZING mix of a great song.

The blah:
-Serve the Servants starts out promising, sounds great and the whole deal. But it totally throws you off when a totally different solo (one that’s not nearly as good as the normal one) comes into the song. It’s a new take on the song, but not a better one.
-Dumb sounds way to naked with cello only in the bridge. You keep waiting to hear it and it never shows up. It was one of the charming things about the song.
-Pennyroyal Tea isn’t really better than the mixes on CD 1.


There are a bunch of Demos included on this disc, but for-warned. Most of them don’t contain vocals. So you have to listen to them and consider the musical development of the song. It’s really cool to see how much they changed once recorded for the album.

The good:
-Scentless Apprentice does indeed have complete garbage vocals, but it’s a really cool demo of the song that I hadn’t heard before. Worth a listen.
-Dumb is really neat with all the extra reverby feeling to it. Would have been really cool with vocals.
-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and Tourettes gives you a look at what it must have been like to listen to them jam while practicing.
-This is just a wonderful Demo of Marigold that’s a hidden gem on this CD.
-The All Apologies demo is truly a demo, but it DOES include vocals (though buried in the background). It’s this happy head-bobber version that makes you feel all fucking good inside.

The blah
-Frances Farmer doesn’t sound better slower.
-Very Ape is boring without vocals.
-Daves drum fills in Pennyroyal Tea stink. And I don’t say that about Dave Grohl pretty much ever.

The Never Heard Before shit
-Forgotten tune is a song that probably could have developed over time and been a B-side or something. Once again, no vocals, but it had some structure and I can kind of picture where it could have gone down the road.
-Jam is a sonic mess that’s pretty cool in an Endless Nameless sort of way. Hell it may even be better than Endless Nameless. But I’m not sure how you rate two tracks like this in the first place. They’re experimental noise for fuck’s sake.

So disc 2 really makes this set something to love. A lot of gems on it that true Nirvana fans will appreciate. I’ll be looking at disc 3 as soon as I get to it. Expect it sooner than later.

In Utero 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe- The long winded review. (Part 1)


I’m sure that you are all thinking “why the fuck is he reviewing this on a site that’s not really a music blog”? And I’ll tell you why I’m doing it. Because since the 90s Nirvana have always been my personal favorite band of all time. There are also a lot of reviews of this thing available out there, but not a lot that are very in depth. A few paragraphs about the most notable things and that’s it. I am doing this review with the hope that other Nirvana fans see it and can make a better decision on whether or not they want to purchase the In Utero: Super Deluxe set. Hopefully I can provide a little more insight into what makes this multi-disc set seriously fucking awesome.

And that should be my review right there. It’s awesome. Over 70 tracks and everything you could want pertaining to the 1993 release are there. It’s far superior to the Nevermind: Super Deluxe set.

Though originally titled I Hate Myself and Want To Die (this would later be used for the name of a song) In Utero hardly sounds like a depressing record  from a guy who was about to kill himself. It was actually released with quite a bit of mixed fanfare. The band wanted to make a more abrasive and raw record, something that was very much the opposite of Nevermind. They chose Steve Albini to record In Utero (look up his other work, he’s great at recording bands) and following the recording of the album their record label pretty much hated it. There were rumors the album was unlistenable, and leaked releases of the unmixed record had a lot people thinking those rumors were true. As a matter of fact, the label hated it enough to bring in Scott Litt (previously known for working with REM) to remix two songs (Heart Shaped Box, All Apologies) for the record. These songs were clearly meant to be released as singles and the label was worried about how the average audience would respond to them. So the album was released with Litt’s two remixed songs and it debuted on the Billboard charts at #1.

And the rest was history. The album got an overwhelmingly good response and is considered by a lot of people to be Kurt Cobain’s personal masterpiece. The album WAS indeed raw, but incredibly powerful. A lot of the music was heavier than Nevermind, but the songs still maintained the melodic sense that Kurt Cobain was so good at delivering.

M_NirvanaInUteroBoxSetSo let’s get on with the 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe set and what it includes besides a poster and fancy book including the letter Steve Albini wrote to the band accepting their request to record the album. It’s a 3 disc set and includes a DVD of their MTV Live and Loud performance complete with songs not originally aired on television. I’m going to start with the music and briefly cover the DVD last. So on with it.

Disc 1

Disc 1 includes the original album as it was released, along with other songs that didn’t make the album and ended up being B-sides. They include “Gallons of Rubbing Alchohol Flow Through the Strip”, “Marigold”,”Sappy”, “Moist Vagina”, and “I Hate Myself and Want to Die”.

The following songs are remixed and are different from the previous versions in various ways.

Moist Vagina
Really cool mix that makes the song longer, and brings out the hard parts better. The cymbals seem hotter. I like it more than the original version.

Still sounds pretty slick to me, it’s very comparable to the original version but it’s remastered so naturally it sounds a bit better.

I Hate Myself and Want to Die
Sounds heavy and nasty as shit. Love it, love it love it. Great version of a song that’s mostly forgotten.

The disc ends with Scott Litt’s version of “Pennyroyal Tea” (which was the version released on the ultra-rare single for the song and likely would have been the version used for the music video that was never made due to Kurt’s suicide). I frankly like it more than Albini’s, and it’s the only Litt mix I truly enjoy. The song sounds bigger, the vocals doubled and a slicker sound. This song deserved the treatment.

Also included are the Steve Albini mixes of “Heart Shaped Box” and “All Apologies“. I like both of the Albini mixes better. The songs sound more intimate when they are stripped down and a little nastier.

Overall, disc 1  features the essential shit that you need in a set like this. The album, all the tracks recorded that could have been on the album but didn’t make it, and alternate mixes. All important stuff to the story of In Utero.

The funniest named race car driver ever has killed himself

Dick Trickle, a man with one motherfucking funny name and former Nascar driver has committed suicide. And he had the decency to do it at a cemetery, so apparently Dick also wasn’t aware of proper burial procedure.

Go to TMZ for their touching photo gallery of Dick Trickle moments. I actually have had a few Dick Trickle moments myself, mainly when I think I’m done peeing but still have a little left in the ol’ wang.

God must have needed a trickling dick

Dick Trickle DEAD … NASCAR Driver Commits Suicide | TMZ.com.

Back when I was a kid… (Logg 64 brings you more Kickass Live)

So today is the 19th anniversary of Kurt Cobain killing himself. This makes me old as fuck. Now I know half of the blogs in the world have already covered this notable news bite at this point in the day, but it reminds me of a story my wife recently told me about being in a line at a local Wal Mart (or some fucking store like that) and having a conversation with someone at the checkout and somehow Kurt Cobain came up. The cashier, a younger chick literally had no fucking idea who he was. Even the guy next to my wife in line gave this chick a look like “Holy FUCK how can you NOT know?” So this post is for that stupid Millenium kid who knows nothing about music or popular culture.

Kurt Cobain was in a band called Nirvana. Some of us old people liked that band a lot back in the olden days. He never used autotune. He was way better than most of the shit that came after him. Here he is kicking the living shit out of two of his songs. RIP.