Logg64 readers are fucked up, dude.

The other day I was going through the stats for Logg 64 and feeling pretty good about the current level of readership I get. For a small-time blog with no clear direction, Logg 64 does okay. While going through these stats I decided to take a quick look at the search engine terms people used when ending up on the blog, and to say the least I was blown away. The ways people get here range from exactly how I would guess to completely fucking bizarre.

Here is a short list of the most fucked things people searched only to end up on my little blog.

The power is yours, lover of dracula blowjobs!

-humiliate women

-monkey rape

-halloween asses

-vincent price dead body pictures

-smart and slutty

-dracula blowjob

-cum covered halloween costumes

-cock blocker

-honky bullshit

So yeah, as you can see I get some real gems via Google. But now that I think about it, all these people actually came to the right place! We’re totally hitting the demographic folks.


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