Easter egg hunt canceled because parents suck balls.

Now here is an article that just breaks my tiny, black heart folks. This is the main reason I have an entire section of the blog called “Low Forms of Life”.

An easter egg hunt in Colorado has been cancelled because of problems in years past with the parents of the children participating.


Said “parents” would literally jump over the rope meant to keep them out so they could hover over their children to assist them in the egg hunt.

The article brings up an interesting fact- that parents these days are fucking overbearing and allow their children to become pathetic pussies who can’t do anything for themselves. They are all taught they are special and have no real clue of how it feels to not succeed.

I believe that this is absolutely the way things are these days and it makes me sad to know that my two boys have to grow up around behavior such as this. Failure is a part of life, and success should be achieved through hard work. Stop teaching your kids the opposite by babying them and holding their hand through every step of life. That’s not being a parent, it’s being a crutch.

Easter egg hunt canceled due to pushy parents.


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