The LOGG 64 Wrestlemania Craptacular

Tomorrow brings us the 28th edition of the annual spring tradition known as Wrestlemania. The Showcase of Immortals, the Super Bowl of wrestling, the big show… etc… etc.

Rather than attempt to be some shitty wrestle-nerd site that gets you pumped for this annual hit to the pocketbook, LOGG 64 is going to remind everyone of some of then not-so classic moments that have occured at Wrestlemania. I am proud to present:

The Shittiest Moments in Wrestlemania History

#5 George Wells puke all over himself

In this not-so classic Wrestlemania 2 matchup we have Jake the Snake Roberts vs some fuckhead named George Wells. Jake gets the obvious victory in around 5 minutes, but George Wells leaves us with the ever-lasting moment of what can only be described as “Foaming at the mouth, or basically puke” while Jake’s Snake Damien is wrapped around his neck.

#4 RUN DMC’s Wrestlemania Rap

Celebrities are no strangers to Wrestlemania. Stars from the worlds of movies, sports, tv and music have always been a big part of the show. This induction into my Hall of SHIT however goes to one of the greatest rap acts of all time. Run DMC.I know what you’re thinking,”how could that be bad?”… well just listen to this shiny turd they call the Wrestlemania Rap.

#3 King Kong Bundy hates him some midgets

King Kong Bundy basically the only guy in history to go from the Wrestlemania main event to literally working some shitty freak match the next year. This one is a true legendary gem as many wrestling fans remember it just as clearly as they remember Hulk Hogan bodyslamming Andre the Giant at the same show. Bundy delivers a bodyslam and a brutal elbow onto a fallen midget at the end of the match. All midgets join forces despite being on opposite teams to get the fuck outta dodge when it looks like Bundy is going to start splashing them into oblivion.

#2 Brock Lesnar VS Bill Goldberg

This one looks god-damned awesome on paper. it even had Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee!! But if you add a dab of “these guys are both leaving the WWE after this match” with a touch of “this is a fucking New York crowd who is hostile as fuck” you get one of the true awful moments in Wrestlemania history. The crowd absolutely took a SHIT on this match and both of the guys in it. I mean BOOED OUT OF THE FUCKING BUILDING. The match starts out with YOU SOLD OUT chants. This match is the bizarro version of the legendary Hogan vs Rock match at Wrestlemania 18.

#1 The Undertaker HANGS the fucking Big Bossman

As if kicking his ass inside Hell in a Cell wasn’t enough, at Wrestlemania 15 the Undertaker decided to up the ante by attempting to MURDER his fallen foe. With a guest appearance by 2012 Hall of Fame inductee Edge, I proudly present the dumbest god damned thing I’ve ever seen at Wrestlemania. And I started watching Wrestlemania’s with number TWO. Seriously. I have no life.



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