Two Minute Review: Boat Browser for Android

LOGG 64 is happy to announce a new category here on the blog, and it’s designed to give reviews on things that I think are great in a short and easy read.The first piece of business I look at will be the Boat browser for Android.

It’s fast AND nautical!

Let’s face it: mobile browsing is fun, and also a huge fucking pain in the ass. Some sites are built for mobile, while others display as they do on your laptop and browsing is far from an enjoyable experience. Boat makes shit a lot easier and it works pretty damn well.

As a Dolphin user who really doesn’t trust any other browser I was pleasantly surprised to see that Boat excels at bringing a desktop-style browser to your mobile device. It pretty much skullfucks Dolphin when it comes to how easy it is to use.

It rarely crashes, allows you to customize it to your liking and basic features aren’t buried. You can actually find the things you want and use them with ease. Listen to this rundown of features:

-Forward AND back buttons (holy shit what a concept!).

-Visual bookmarks or old school bookmarking.


-Customizable toolbar

-Addon support

-Night Mode

-Lock screen and fullscreen

-Download manager

-Plays Flash like it’s nobody’s business.

The browser is fast as shit and stable as fuck. It’s my new girlfriend. I want to cuddle with it. Seriously, it’s time to add another browser onto your device, and possibly say good bye to Dolphin. Boat is free and solid. Get it NOW.

Rating: Five zillion stars


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