Two Minute Review: B Rhymes for Android

Yo, yo, yo… I GOT MAD SKILLZ!!

This one is for all of my fellow musicians and awful rappers out there. B-Rhymes is just as dope as it sounds. Well okay, that’s not much of a compliment. B-Rhymes is actually a really useful tool for songwriters and people who write poetry.

It comes up with words that rhyme on the fly, and does an extremely impressive job doing it. This great for people like me who can’t come up with enough ways to rhyme the word FUCK in a song. I have to say I’m pretty thrilled with it.

It also breaks rhymes up by syllables so you can shoehorn rhymes in where they might be a bit tough. It’s interface is super easy to use, and also allows the option of looking up the word at and so not only can you sound like you have mad skills on the mic, you can also know what in the fucking hell your talking about onstage. Great little app.

Rating: 5 purple peacocks

Download B-Rhymes


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