Two Minute Review: FartDroid for Android

I’ve got to admit, the icon is actually pretty awesome.

Haven’t updated in a while so I figured I’d throw up a quick app review since my previous ones have gone over fairly well. Generally I try to review useful or lesser-known apps that people may find useful. This review will be the exact opposite. FartDroid is totally fucking useless.

That being said, FartDroid is an app for the true fart enthusiast. In my house that person would be my two year old son. Man that kid LOVES him some farts.

While the interface looks like total ass (pardon the pun), FartDroid is packed with content. We’re talking a lot of farts folks. A massive fart soundboard is included, and the board even has the bonus feature of allowing you to play Jingle Bells, all to the sound of big, juicy farts.

It also features a fart recorder that allows you to share your personal favorite farts with other users. That’s right, there’s a Fart of the Month club, and you and your farts may be lucky enough to be included on the list. A quick rundown of the other features are as follows:

-Motion Sensor

-Countdown timer

-Noise Activator

This app rates a 4.3 and boasts that it is the most popular farting app available. Because apparently there is a very competitive market out there for apps  based on farting. The farts are all pretty amazing and this app brings the content.

Rating: Five Farts a Plenty

Download FartDroid


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