Spiderman vs the Yeti: with bonus assplay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d take a moment to post this absolute gem.

The Electric Company is a show kids in the 70s watched, and one of the forgotten things about it is that Spiderman was a regular character on the show. Every week they would have a segment where Spiderman took care of some horribly shitty villain that wasn’t part of the Marvel Universe. Seriously, they just made up fucking villains rather than using the ones Spiderman typically would fight. And BOY WERE THEY SOME WINNERS.

This is my personal favorite video. It’s Spiderman vs the Yeti. Now normally a Yeti could be an interesting monster for Spidey to fight, but this Yeti is special. He fucking LOVES to shove shit right up his ASS. I am not kidding. Watch this video and watch a Yeti do some serious gaping. Holy fuck.


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