North Dakota Woman won’t be giving your fat kids candy for Halloween.

I didn’t want to bump down my costume posts today, but this story enraged me enough to make that call.

Some fucking bitch in North Dakota has decided to hand out letters to kids parents asking for them to not give their kids candy on Halloween. And of course, she’ll be making the judgement call as to whether or not they are fat.

As if these kids don’t go through enough, now some cunt has decided to make fun of them and attempt ruin their Halloween.

Who the fuck she is to decide what kids are healthy and not I have no idea.

I sincerely hope she also does this to her close relatives at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I personally wish horrible things on this Low Form of Life and welcome her with open arms to the section of this blog that highlights the worst in humanity.

A hearty “fuck you” to this bitch.

N.D. woman to hand out “fat letters” to obese kids during Halloween – CBS News.


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