I don’t know about you, but this brightened up my day

Saw this gem over on Buzzfeed and decided it was worthy of being noted on this blog, because frankly I just physically can’t post anything nice, ever.

It just brings me back to the days of the Jackass prank where the coffin fell out of the back of the hearse and dumped the body onto the ground.

But this one was REAL!

Take care folks, I’ll try to post more often when my busy season of work slows down around September.


Dead Body Slips Out Of Coroner’s Van And Into Traffic.


Best. Restoration. Ever.

Had to post this bad boy while the news was still hot. This failed attempt at restoring a painting of Jesus Christ has to go down in history as one of my personal favorite fails of all time. Best part of the article is when it describes the restoration as looking like a “sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic. Classic.

Pretty fuckin' close.

  News – Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur.

Be a fucking BADASS in Skyrim

I normally don’t cover ANYTHING gaming related on this blog but I felt it was my duty to share this fucking amazing video teaching you ultimate Skyrim badassery.

Journey your way through Skyrim beating the living SHIT out of everyone you see with your BARE FUCKING HANDS. Beat women, dragons, foxes… fuck even chidren. Enjoy this true internet gem.

Skyrim – Unarmed Badass Viking Commentary – YouTube.

Theme park in Rio has a pop-up Jesus.

Fucking kooks watch the savior rise… as his schedule strictly states he should emerge like a jack in the box in slow motion from a mountain. Blaring music plays, rinse repeat. CHARGE FOR IT!!

jesus theme park on Vimeo on Vimeo

via jesus theme park on Vimeo.

TITLETOWN PUNK trailer arrives.

Titletown Punk, a film about the punk scene in Green Bay between 1995-2001 is a film been made by Chuck Engel. It specifically covers the Concert Cafe, where I pretty much grew up and where the bands I was in at that time played on a regular basis. And judging by the trailer he really is putting effort into and it looks pretty damn good. Head over to Vimeo and check this shit out. Includes bonus footage of me with probably a grand total of 6 pubic hairs and minus like 80 lbs.


Why watch that shitty blurry video of the Sugarland stage collapse when you could watch this?

Sugarland tragic stage accident – YouTube

In what will likely be the last time Sugarland ever make it to a post on LOGG 64, here is a video of their stage going buck wild and killing people!!!