The funniest named race car driver ever has killed himself

Dick Trickle, a man with one motherfucking funny name and former Nascar driver has committed suicide. And he had the decency to do it at a cemetery, so apparently Dick also wasn’t aware of proper burial procedure.

Go to TMZ for their touching photo gallery of Dick Trickle moments. I actually have had a few Dick Trickle moments myself, mainly when I think I’m done peeing but still have a little left in the ol’ wang.

God must have needed a trickling dick

Dick Trickle DEAD … NASCAR Driver Commits Suicide |


Back when I was a kid… (Logg 64 brings you more Kickass Live)

So today is the 19th anniversary of Kurt Cobain killing himself. This makes me old as fuck. Now I know half of the blogs in the world have already covered this notable news bite at this point in the day, but it reminds me of a story my wife recently told me about being in a line at a local Wal Mart (or some fucking store like that) and having a conversation with someone at the checkout and somehow Kurt Cobain came up. The cashier, a younger chick literally had no fucking idea who he was. Even the guy next to my wife in line gave this chick a look like “Holy FUCK how can you NOT know?” So this post is for that stupid Millenium kid who knows nothing about music or popular culture.

Kurt Cobain was in a band called Nirvana. Some of us old people liked that band a lot back in the olden days. He never used autotune. He was way better than most of the shit that came after him. Here he is kicking the living shit out of two of his songs. RIP.

Rest in Peace Patrice, you crazy motherfucker.

Logg 64 wishes to express it’s deepest of sympathy to the family, friends and many fans of Patrice O’Neal who passed away Monday morning.

As a long time listener of the Opie and Anthony show I couldn’t begin to tell you how many laughs Patrice gave me personally. The world was better with him around.

Opie & Anthony - Animal Delicacies 1 of 4 - YouTube

Opie & Anthony – Animal Delicacies 1 of 4 – YouTube.

Much to the surprise of nobody, Amy Winehouse is dead.


Here at LOGG 64 we don’t exactly check our sources, but we are pretty sure this lady bit the big one today. Not sure what else to say, because frankly I really don’t like her at all.

Amy Winehouse Is Dead: Pics, Videos, Links, News.