North Dakota Woman won’t be giving your fat kids candy for Halloween.

I didn’t want to bump down my costume posts today, but this story enraged me enough to make that call.

Some fucking bitch in North Dakota has decided to hand out letters to kids parents asking for them to not give their kids candy on Halloween. And of course, she’ll be making the judgement call as to whether or not they are fat.

As if these kids don’t go through enough, now some cunt has decided to make fun of them and attempt ruin their Halloween.

Who the fuck she is to decide what kids are healthy and not I have no idea.

I sincerely hope she also does this to her close relatives at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I personally wish horrible things on this Low Form of Life and welcome her with open arms to the section of this blog that highlights the worst in humanity.

A hearty “fuck you” to this bitch.

N.D. woman to hand out “fat letters” to obese kids during Halloween – CBS News.


Piece of shit molests yet again.

Occasionally I bring you news that I tag under the category of “Low Forms of Life” (see the side menu for more). And this fucking story is another great example. In an effort to apparently remind us all that there is plenty of evil in the world 72 year old Norbert Degroot has molested a fucking four-year old child. I could have told you this was going to happen just by looking at a his picture. Holy fucking creepy.

And as if that’s not fucking bad enough, this guy was previously convicted in 1989 of the SAME GOD DAMNED THING. Fuck man, the system isn’t working at all. Unbelievable and sad.

Here is the awful story.


Piece of shit basically bakes his 3 kids in a car while he shops at Target

Sadly this depressing story comes from my home state of Wisconsin. This fucking loser left children of 2 1/2, 1 1/2, and 2 FUCKING MONTHS OLD in his car while he shopped at Target in the middle of a heat wave.

LOGG 64 proudly inducts this shitbag into it’s Low Forms of Life category. Kids that age should never be left alone in car regardless of how hot it is. Fuck this guy.

Man leaves 3 young children in car in 90 degree heat while at Target.

Easter egg hunt canceled because parents suck balls.

Now here is an article that just breaks my tiny, black heart folks. This is the main reason I have an entire section of the blog called “Low Forms of Life”.

An easter egg hunt in Colorado has been cancelled because of problems in years past with the parents of the children participating.


Said “parents” would literally jump over the rope meant to keep them out so they could hover over their children to assist them in the egg hunt.

The article brings up an interesting fact- that parents these days are fucking overbearing and allow their children to become pathetic pussies who can’t do anything for themselves. They are all taught they are special and have no real clue of how it feels to not succeed.

I believe that this is absolutely the way things are these days and it makes me sad to know that my two boys have to grow up around behavior such as this. Failure is a part of life, and success should be achieved through hard work. Stop teaching your kids the opposite by babying them and holding their hand through every step of life. That’s not being a parent, it’s being a crutch.

Easter egg hunt canceled due to pushy parents.

Yet another Rodriguez is asked for a Green Card.

Apparently Southern Miss has a college basketball team. They also apparently have their own band, whose level of taste just so happens to be so low that it actually is relevant to this blog.

I’m on the fence with crowds that act like this. Especially when they are representing a school. But people will be people, and I can’t say that my sick sense of humor doesn’t TOTALLY appreciate this.

Don’t try this at home.

Madness Indeed.

The Southern Miss Band Chanted “Where’s Your Green Card?” At Kansas State’s Angel Rodriguez.

In her defense, they DID lose to the FUCKING CHIEFS.

It’s about time somebody took these sporting events seriously. I wish this lady had been in the locker room to motivate the Packers at halftime.

This is where REAL fans stay.

Upset Packers fan accused of attacking daughter.

Rockin’ from the Crypt

FINALLY a new and worthy addition to Low Forms of Life. Some cocksucker actually had the nerve to rip a guitar out of a dead guys hands because he simply “had respect for fine musical instruments.”

Holy balls.



Man charged after guitar stolen from crypt.