The Ray Lewis video the NFL doesn’t want you to see.

It’s the last game in the long career of Ray Lewis. Let’s all celebrate by making fun of him. This is an old gem from Saturday Night Live. He didn’t kill no motherfuckin’ lion!

Saturday TV Funhouse: Ray of Light


Mascara: A photo slideshow by Fraud

Got bored tonight and put together a slideshow of pictures I’ve taken set to a song I wrote on my 4th CD called “Mascara”. I have no fucking clue why I bothered to do this, but I figure I might as well announce that it exists and hope some bored motherfucker decides to sit through it for 3 minutes.

I’ve never put anything up on Youtube like this before, but it seems like everyone and their mother has a video of some bullshit online like this so why not me?¬†Anyway, here it is. I’m going to sit to the side all embarrassed now.

Tom Barrett’s Ads are a recipe for failure

I’ve have been flip-flopping back and forth all week as to whether or not this blog is a place for politics. After a lot of thinking I came to an answer: it’s not. But the LOGG 64 way is to go ahead and make the post and worry about looking like an ass later. So here goes nothing.

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

I myself, and many of my readers reside in the state of Wisconsin, and our current governor is a totally crooked dickbag. I mean a cringe-inducing piece of shit who has went out of his way to fuck our teachers, middle (and lower) class, and assfuck workers unions. He’s a real gem.

Such a gem, that shortly after taking office half of the state came out in droves to protest and bang motherfucking drums to get a recall election to happen. The people won that battle, and on June 5th, Scott Walker will once again square off with his arch-nemesis Tom Barrett.

Vote for me, if it’s not too much trouble.

Who the fuck is Tom Barrett you ask? The mayor of Milwaukee. That’s honestly about all I know about this guy, and the people putting together commercials for his campaign aren’t exactly spelling out why I should give two shits about him. As a matter of fact the only thing the HAVE spelled out is what everyone already knows. Scott Walker is a fucking DOUCHEBAG who gets his jollies off by fucking people over.

The problem here is simple. Only a few short months ago, Wisconsin looked like a battleground for the Civil fucking War, and when crunch time comes Tom Barrett’s people make the painfully boring and obvious choice to focus on Walker being an arrogant little rat who’s always up to no good. They are attacking him so passively agressive that it’s lulling pepole to sleep. And that’s it. No focus on the massive outcry and protests, no props to the hippies who banged the drums, no images of teachers or fucked union workers. Just nothing.

They have lost ALL THOSE PEOPLE in bullshit. We should be seeing people with passion, people who are angry, people who are GETTING FUCKED in these ads. Not random newspaper clippings about how much of a crook Walker is. Everybody knew that a long time ago.

Tom Barrett is missing out on a chance to use powerful imagery and the spirit of the people he wants to serve because he’s listening to people who have him aiming his focus the wrong way. There is still a short time left, Mr. Barrett. Allow me to provide you with a few images I jacked 20 minutes ago from Google Images. Feel free to use them any day now. Perhaps before June 5th comes and you get your balls handed to you by the crotchety old and rich people of Wisconsin. This is what a demand for change looks like.

Logg64 readers are fucked up, dude.

The other day I was going through the stats for Logg 64 and feeling pretty good about the current level of readership I get. For a small-time blog with no clear direction, Logg 64 does okay. While going through these stats I decided to take a quick look at the search engine terms people used when ending up on the blog, and to say the least I was blown away. The ways people get here range from exactly how I would guess to completely fucking bizarre.

Here is a short list of the most fucked things people searched only to end up on my little blog.

The power is yours, lover of dracula blowjobs!

-humiliate women

-monkey rape

-halloween asses

-vincent price dead body pictures

-smart and slutty

-dracula blowjob

-cum covered halloween costumes

-cock blocker

-honky bullshit

So yeah, as you can see I get some real gems via Google. But now that I think about it, all these people actually came to the right place! We’re totally hitting the demographic folks.