Back when I was a kid… (Logg 64 brings you more Kickass Live)

So today is the 19th anniversary of Kurt Cobain killing himself. This makes me old as fuck. Now I know half of the blogs in the world have already covered this notable news bite at this point in the day, but it reminds me of a story my wife recently told me about being in a line at a local Wal Mart (or some fucking store like that) and having a conversation with someone at the checkout and somehow Kurt Cobain came up. The cashier, a younger chick literally had no fucking idea who he was. Even the guy next to my wife in line gave this chick a look like “Holy FUCK how can you NOT know?” So this post is for that stupid Millenium kid who knows nothing about music or popular culture.

Kurt Cobain was in a band called Nirvana. Some of us old people liked that band a lot back in the olden days. He never used autotune. He was way better than most of the shit that came after him. Here he is kicking the living shit out of two of his songs. RIP.


Spiderman vs the Yeti: with bonus assplay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d take a moment to post this absolute gem.

The Electric Company is a show kids in the 70s watched, and one of the forgotten things about it is that Spiderman was a regular character on the show. Every week they would have a segment where Spiderman took care of some horribly shitty villain that wasn’t part of the Marvel Universe. Seriously, they just made up fucking villains rather than using the ones Spiderman typically would fight. And BOY WERE THEY SOME WINNERS.

This is my personal favorite video. It’s Spiderman vs the Yeti. Now normally a Yeti could be an interesting monster for Spidey to fight, but this Yeti is special. He fucking LOVES to shove shit right up his ASS. I am not kidding. Watch this video and watch a Yeti do some serious gaping. Holy fuck.

Biggest fucking wave ever surfed.

This is hardly video that people haven’t seen, it’s everywhere. But I absolutely HAD to add this to Video Bliss as it’s fucking amazing. 45 year old Garret McNamara has apparently surfed the biggest god damned wave anybody has ever surfed. Pure fucking insanity. Apparently the jet skier also may have set a new world record ( I can only guess for being the dumbest person to ever ride a jet ski). I don’t usually share totally viral shit but this deserves it. Here’s ABC News take on it.

Donald Driver was the fucking greatest.

Just in case something bad happens tomorrow, I had to stop my daily routine to take a minute to remind everyone that Donald Driver is the greatest god damned Packer receiver of all time. Hit the shit out of this video and share it to show a true Packer legend the appreciation he deserves.

Humble, talented, a leader and a class fucking act.

Thank you Donald. I hope we see you at Lambeau next week so Packer fans can let you know how they feel.

Buckled road creates instant Dukes of Hazzard moment.

This will be my last post of the day I swear.

Todays Wisconsin heat was mentioned earlier in an unfortunate way and I would like to make it all better by showing you a video of an SUV in the wrong place at the right time.

You may have thought the X-Games were over with on Sunday, but this SUV proves otherwise by going totally fucking airborne in killer fashion when hitting a spot in the road that buckled from the heat. That makes TWO inductions to Video Bliss in one day folks. Awesome.

Car Jumps heat crack in highway and gets crazy air!! – YouTube


More Video Bliss: The San Diego fireworks fail.

LOGG 64 is proud to bring you some post-4th of July fireworks action with the ENTIRE San Diego fireworks show that took place yesterday.

All 15 fucking seconds of it. They lit up the whole shit at one time. Whoops.

Be a fucking BADASS in Skyrim

I normally don’t cover ANYTHING gaming related on this blog but I felt it was my duty to share this fucking amazing video teaching you ultimate Skyrim badassery.

Journey your way through Skyrim beating the living SHIT out of everyone you see with your BARE FUCKING HANDS. Beat women, dragons, foxes… fuck even chidren. Enjoy this true internet gem.

Skyrim – Unarmed Badass Viking Commentary – YouTube.