Thoughtful, arty, smooth, and good to look at.

Logg 64 is the blog of Web Designer, Musician, Father, Husband and lover of Pumpkin Pie- Pacman… or Jesse… or whatever you want to call him this week. He’s a married man, father, musician and artist.

LOGG was originally created in the early 90s in small town that you don’t give a fuck about. It sold every fucking issue that was ever for sale. It was a juggernaut and thanks to Anthony VanDuten even received a 4 second mention in an issue of Maximum Rock N Roll.

Anyway, this was the 90s and the internet pretty much consisted of animated gifs and a jpeg took roughly 10 minutes to load if it was around 100kb in size. So for all of you who are too young to remember, there used to actually be fanzines (“zines”) that were published on a material known as PAPER. And not that recycled bullshit you people have now, I mean like real “wasting the Christ out of a tree” paper.

Anyway, it came back about a year ago or so in a pretty unfinished format and the guy who writes it really didn’t have any sort of game plan for what the blog version of his old hobby would be about.

And he still doesn’t. Because plans were made to be broken. Just like the hopes and dreams of children. Feelings will be hurt, blood will flow, expletives will be used as the salt and pepper that connects us all in the fucked up dinner we all know as THE INTERNETS.

You can view my portfolio at:


Examples of my photography and graphics work can be seen at:



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