I don’t know about you, but this brightened up my day

Saw this gem over on Buzzfeed and decided it was worthy of being noted on this blog, because frankly I just physically can’t post anything nice, ever.

It just brings me back to the days of the Jackass prank where the coffin fell out of the back of the hearse and dumped the body onto the ground.

But this one was REAL!

Take care folks, I’ll try to post more often when my busy season of work slows down around September.


Dead Body Slips Out Of Coroner’s Van And Into Traffic.


Kids watch clown burn pigeon alive.

It’s been a long time since I have added anything that I thought was worthy of what this blog brings to the table. That time has ended. I give to you the horrific burning of a live pigeon thanks to the world’s worst clown.

He splits the uprights!

This Video Of A Clown Burning A Live Pigeon In Front Of Screaming Children Will Literally Ruin Your Day.

North Dakota Woman won’t be giving your fat kids candy for Halloween.

I didn’t want to bump down my costume posts today, but this story enraged me enough to make that call.

Some fucking bitch in North Dakota has decided to hand out letters to kids parents asking for them to not give their kids candy on Halloween. And of course, she’ll be making the judgement call as to whether or not they are fat.

As if these kids don’t go through enough, now some cunt has decided to make fun of them and attempt ruin their Halloween.

Who the fuck she is to decide what kids are healthy and not I have no idea.

I sincerely hope she also does this to her close relatives at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I personally wish horrible things on this Low Form of Life and welcome her with open arms to the section of this blog that highlights the worst in humanity.

A hearty “fuck you” to this bitch.

N.D. woman to hand out “fat letters” to obese kids during Halloween – CBS News.

Spiderman vs the Yeti: with bonus assplay

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I thought I’d take a moment to post this absolute gem.

The Electric Company is a show kids in the 70s watched, and one of the forgotten things about it is that Spiderman was a regular character on the show. Every week they would have a segment where Spiderman took care of some horribly shitty villain that wasn’t part of the Marvel Universe. Seriously, they just made up fucking villains rather than using the ones Spiderman typically would fight. And BOY WERE THEY SOME WINNERS.

This is my personal favorite video. It’s Spiderman vs the Yeti. Now normally a Yeti could be an interesting monster for Spidey to fight, but this Yeti is special. He fucking LOVES to shove shit right up his ASS. I am not kidding. Watch this video and watch a Yeti do some serious gaping. Holy fuck.

Harp Twins can and will ruin your favorite songs

When not eating from a silver spoon they like to pretend to rock the fuck out.

File this one under “just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.”  The Harp Twins are the type of abomination that only the internet could accept with open arms. Unfortunately for my wife, I will give her all credit in discovering these two twits.

Just imagine for a moment, all of your favorite rock and alternative classics, carefully plucked away at by two self-loving, upperclass identical twins. In all of their awful glory, the Harp Twins manage to destroy all of your favorite tunes in annoyingly literal renditions available on Youtube.

Check out this fucking Youtube channel

That’s right, whether it be Metallica, U2, Coldplay or Lady Gaga, the Harp Twins have managed to film a shitty video of them standing in front of the most literal scenery they could find while they patiently pluck away, swaying back and forth and looking at the heavens. If you really like to cringe I encourage you to check out their Youtube comments, which all coincidentally are of people kissing their collective asses while they throw piece of shit after piece of shit at the wall hoping it will stick. Here they are molesting AC/DC:

Seriously girls, just take your rightful place as the 10th runners-up for America’s Got Talent and go away forever. That would be a treat for everyone, but instead we are gifted with the joy that is their personal website CLICK HERE FOR A LONG WINDED RESUME.

Along with apparently winning every single harp-related award ever, they have also studied with world-famous harp people (none of whom any normal person can name). But it’s their “about” session that really shines.

They mention as quickly as possible that Hollywood Producers have indeed come’ a knockin, and that they have been in 3 feature films. They are also quick to mention every web site that has ever covered them, so I anxiously await LOGG64 being added to their long list of ass-kissers.

Did I mention they also claim to be ACTRESSES? What CAN’T they do? Nothing apparently, because they are also experts at rifle marksmanship, Tae Kwon Do, graduated with 4.0 gpa’s, and were competitive swimmers in the Junior Olympics (whatever the fuck that means).

And in a joke that makes itself, they have spent SIX YEARS working with the deaf, and hard of hearing. You can stop laughing now, seriously.

In a nutshell, the Harp Twins are so easy to fucking hate it’s ridiculous, and their goody-two shoes looks are sure to repulse anyone who hates children who are born to be perfect. I honestly feel bad for even mentioning them here, as it will only help to feed their publicity monster.

These chicks are just beyond awful.

I’ll say it. Epic fucking FAIL.

A lot of noise doesn't make good candidates.

So after all of the bitching, protesting and annoying drum banging people in Madison have been subjected to over the last few months, one thing has been proven. It’s pretty clear what the people want, and even more obvious that the Democrats simply are lacking in one MAJOR department. They simply don’t have strong candidates that people want to vote for.

People need to remember what they’re up against. The Zombies. The stubborn, old elderly who are will take their party preference with them until they die. The misinformed who DO NOT follow politics and simply vote when it is time and ALWAYS vote the same party. A great youth movement has been created, but it’s now blatantly obvious that the people actually running aren’t capturing enough of that potential vote.

Democrats, please get your shit together next time around. This thing COULD have been a victory.

Black family gives birth to…. blonde white kid??

I still think somebody got pwned in this deal and a brotha’s going to be killing some white dude really, really soon.

Black Parents Shocked to Give Birth to White Baby Girl – TIME NewsFeed.